View Full Version : Test Firing for Vega's Second Stage

2006-Jun-26, 09:32 PM
ESA's new Vega launcher completed another milestone this week with the test firing of its Zefiro 23 second stage solid motor. The test was done at the Italian Ministry of Defence's test centre on Sardinia. The 7.5 metre (25 foot) engine delivered more than 100 metric tonnes (220,000 pounds) of thrust, consuming its fuel in 75 seconds. Vega is designed to launch smaller payloads into lower orbits, and will serve the small satellite launch market.

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2006-Jun-27, 11:58 AM
Once vega is complete and in production, hopefuly there will be a torrent of small satellites being launched. There has been a number of satellites proposed which could easily be made on a low budget, however due to the cost of launch they never even got past the preliminary stages.