View Full Version : Double Vortex at Venus' South Pole

2006-Jun-27, 04:06 PM
New images from ESA's Venus Express confirm that the cloud-covered planet has twin atmospheric vortexes at its southern pole. Previous missions to Venus saw stormy southern skies, but these images map out the shape of the double vortex in detail. High velocity winds take only 4 days to spin around Venus. This "super rotation" combines with the natural recycling of hot air to create this vortex structure. Scientists aren't exactly sure why it's creating a double vortex, though.

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2006-Jun-29, 10:28 PM

2006-Jul-03, 01:03 PM
I hope they'll be able to determine whether the vortices are co- or counter- rotating and assign meaning in either case. My guess is that they are counterrotating due to upwelling of hot gas on the one hand and the sinking of "cold" gas on the other.