View Full Version : 1:10,000 ratio between combined mass of gas giants and their moons

2006-Jun-27, 05:18 PM
So if this is the case for our solar sytem; can it be a assumed that this is a constant of sorts? And if so: let's say that there is a hypothetical gas giant that is 50 times more massive than Jupiter; might that be an indicator that it's moons would be correspondingly more massive as well? And if this is the case: bigger moons/with atmosphere's/life?


Kullat Nunu
2006-Jun-27, 05:52 PM
Already discussed here (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php?t=42856). If the result of the study isn't just a some statistical fluke (as the study covers only 3 planets), there's probably no reason to believe it can't apply to extrasolar planetary systems. It is believed that brown dwarfs form like stars from collapsing gas cloud instead of accretion like planets so they may have a different way producing satellites. Or not.