View Full Version : Desert Varnish Might Be a Clue for Life on Mars

2006-Jun-30, 05:42 PM
Rocks in the desert can form a shiny coating known to geologists as desert varnish. This varnish forms over thousands of years, and can maintain a record of the life around it by binding DNA, amino acids, and other organic compounds into a silica glaze. Geologists from Imperial College in London think that future rovers should be equipped with instruments that can analyze Martian rocks for the presence of past life in this desert varnish.

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2006-Jun-30, 06:24 PM
Better yet would be sample return missions that would bring some back.

2006-Jun-30, 08:22 PM
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2006-Jul-01, 10:24 AM
It seems to me this is the "dry version" of preserving things such as amber was (wet tropical) trapping and saving things. Terry