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2006-Jul-06, 02:13 PM

i was just looking at some topics in the Astrophotography part and some nice idea`s with that part came in my mind :)

1. i think the forum needs a extension in the user control panel settings where they can store all the info of there telescopes/camera`s or any other Astrophotography related stuff.. then when that same user wants to post a new Astrophotography topic he has some more selection places on the post message part with etleast the following:

Telescope: (dropdown box with the telescopes he filled in and a custom bow where he can fill in anything he wants)
Camera: (dropdown box with the telescopes he filled in and a custom bow where he can fill in anything he wants)

and then when he posts the message this will be posted at the bottom of his message just above his signature:
Telescope Meade 12" (type.....)
Focal point something
view area anything
Latitude anywhere
longitude you get the idea
Camera Canon 300D
Exposure time 100 Seconds

That`s idea 1. (i might make a image from it just to clear it up a bit...)
[img=http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/6245/idea15qr.th.png] (http://img366.imageshack.us/my.php?image=idea15qr.png)
that`s the image idea and after i made that i tought it might be best to remove the "attatched thumbnials" part and place it instead of the telescope image. i hope you guys like it.. i have the knowledge to make this though it would be my first mod for vbulletin and therefore it might be pritty hard for me to make.. but i`m almost sure i can do it if you guys want to have it.. just give me the GO signal :)

Idea 2.
All the images that gets posted here should get in a image database if you ask me.. the forum can be used as a database as it is now but that`s in my point of view only good for posting new images but not for having it all in a database with things like: M31 -> (all M41 images are here) so besicly just a image database for the images (imagefolio)

that`s it with the idea`s for now.. i will try to make a picture of the first idea.

2006-Jul-14, 07:39 PM
a response would be good :)

Dragon Star
2006-Jul-14, 09:48 PM
Actually that's a good idea, good thinking. But even so, not so long ago we were having major problems with the server being overloaded...adding extra features increases the load on the server and can result in more problems.