View Full Version : Discovery Docks Safely with the Station

2006-Jul-06, 04:51 PM
The space shuttle Discovery linked up with the International Space Station this morning after astronauts gave it a thorough inspection with the extended boom attached to the shuttle's robotic arm. Just before docking, Commander Steve Lindsey piloted the shuttle into a back-flip, so that cameras on board the station could document any damage to its heat shield. So far, it looks like the shuttle made it into orbit unscathed, even though a few small pieces of foam were dislodged from the external fuel tank during launch.

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2006-Jul-07, 02:15 AM
I hope with the ETs, the foam shedding can be brought to zero. Or at least, each tank better than the one prior.

Let's hope the shuttle launches stay on track for the remainder of their years.

2006-Jul-07, 11:57 AM
Actually, they've accepted that foam shedding is just a part ofthe process they're going to have to cope with. Looks like they've managed that rather well, though.

2006-Jul-07, 05:47 PM
It seems the foam shedding is a process that can't be eliminated - at least not without eliminating the foam itself :)

Congratulations to NASA & the crews of Discovery & ISS! :) I hope the rest of the mission & the landing continue as well as the take off.

I watched the take off (for the very first time!) "live" on NASA TV & on one of the TV channels here in the UK.

The reason for putting "live" between quotes is because the Internet connection with NASA TV was about 2 minutes behind the TV connection with NASA TV! I told my wife, who was watching the take off live on the News on TV, that it must be a replay of Discovery's previous mission - until I saw the self same images a couple of minutes later on the computer!!!!!!!!

(Im on broadband not dial up!)