View Full Version : No wonder photos of UFOs are so poor

2006-Jul-07, 05:21 AM
I'm use to using a 35mm SLR. Recently I picked up a Sony cybershot 6 Mega pixel with 1000 ISO setting.

Its a better than average consumer point and shoot digital. In no way does it compare to my 35mm. Daytime shots are decent enough.

I went outside to see what pictures of the moon and some airplanes might look like with it. Even at its 3x optical zoom the moon was just a dot and became very pixelated on blowup. It did not even look like the moon.

Pictures of plane lights were pathetic.

So even though more and more people have cameras the quality of the pictures are not any better, probably worse than they were in the pre digital days.

Not too many have the high end Digital Rebels or better. Plus need a decent telephoto lens for anything in the distance.