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2006-Jul-08, 10:10 PM
Greetings from Adelaide,

I'm not sure if this information has been posted before but I thought it might be of interest to the astronomers and science students on this site. I grew up in England and BBC Television's "The Sky At Night" was a major feature of my upbringing. It's a long-running, monthly, topical, lay-person's astronomy programme presented by Patrick Moore, an eccentric and dare I say cult figure in many circles. I'm pleased to say I once saw him "live" in Bradford.

The programmes are available to watch online at the following address


The May 2006 episode has a lot of information about the detection of, and theories about, dark matter.


2006-Jul-10, 08:36 AM
Thanks for that! I missed this month's ep, so I'm impatient for it to be online.

2006-Jul-10, 08:41 AM
This month's programme was about the evolution of the early solar system. Lot's of stuff I hadn't heard before about how gravitational interactions between planets and planetessimals would move the planets themselves inward or outward from where they originally accreted.