View Full Version : Astrophoto: The Goldilocks Variable in the Dumbbell Nebula by Stefan Heutz

2006-Jul-12, 05:25 PM
We are very fortunate, and perhaps lucky, to inhabit a planet near a star whose behavior has been relatively monotonous for billions of years. This is a vital quality of any star to spawn and support life. But, there are many suns that do not have this characteristic. These suns regularly increase their radiance by outpouring dramatic amounts of additional energy such as the Goldilocks variable star that can sometimes be seen in images of the Dumbbell Nebula, pictured here.

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Leos Ondra
2006-Jul-15, 09:50 AM
It is nice to see such an amazing portrait of the variable and the nebula :-)

Goldilocks variable (officially still suspected :-) star in Dumbbell Nebula, M27, NSV 24959, has its own modern poem by Anna Woodford. I have came across it some time ago:


Now if only someone made good photometry so it could get definitive name...

Leos Ondra