View Full Version : NASA To Study Plants To Help Astronauts Grow Food In Space

2006-Jul-13, 06:47 AM
Someday, astronauts may grow food efficiently in space and use plants to clean spaceship air, thanks to a two-year experiment scheduled aboard the International Space Station.

http://www.space-travel.com/reports/NASA_To_Study_Plants_To_Help_Astronauts_Grow_Food_ In_Space_999.html

Ronald Brak
2006-Jul-13, 07:57 AM
I found the claim in the article that it could help grow plants on earth to be a bit rich. I think the CSIRO might be the people to see about that rather than NASA.

2006-Jul-13, 04:25 PM
According to scientists, further understanding of how plants grow and develop at a molecular level can lead to significant advancements in agricultural production on Earth.

Seems to be a fairly obvious throwaway line of the type often used in space stories. Scientists seem to feel the need to point out "real life" applications for their space based research. Maybe they get more grants that way.