View Full Version : Reading/Posting Criteria.

2006-Jul-16, 08:39 AM
A post with an interesting topic I'll read. If it's got 20 pages of replies I figure a flame war is going on or the thread has strayed from the topic of the post. I'll probably pass it by. If the topic is very interesting I may still read the initial post and, less likely, the off topic posts if they are interesting. If the original poster or the more interesting poster get baited into a flame war or uninteresting off topic discussion then I'm out of there.

When I post I try to put some thought into it. If you have a question then read the post again before posting the question. I dislike and usually will not answer questions that are addressed in the original post. I do not support intellectual laziness. Didn't get an answer to your post from me? Then I've stated my opinion of your question.

I dislike falacious arguments, flame war bait and off topic debate and discussion and try to avoid wasting my time on them.

I don't post here often but I think my posts are unique, imaginative, worth reading and worth thinking about.