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2006-Jul-19, 03:44 AM
I went to the theater over the weekend, and saw an ad for a future release that had me worried. It was for the new transformer movie which will be out next year.

At the start of the ad, they talk about the launch of the Beagle II, and state something like "we were told that it crashed" (I am immidiatly thinking, oh no not a conspiracy movie), and you see some images from Mars, and then of something coming over crashing the explorer.

When we saw the launch, we saw a mission control that looked like MCC in Houston. My thoughts on seeing that scene was that the Beagle II was a British mission, and that if it had been an American mission it would have been controled out of the JPL.

2006-Jul-19, 06:19 AM

2006-Jul-20, 02:30 AM
I apologize, I did not see it, and I did do a search before I posted. So blame the search engine for not showing it, and me for not looking harder.

2006-Jul-20, 03:59 PM
No worries. :)