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2003-Apr-15, 08:17 PM
I had a quandry today at lunch... An idea. Since we have developed the internet, which is a GEN, I was just wondering. Is it natural in the evolution of technology and computers to create something like the internet, eventually? A world-spanning network of computers communicating with each other constantly. In the Ender series by Orson Scott Card they have a GEN that apparently is an outgrowth of our current internet. It encompasses all that we have now. Radio, television, telephones, and of the course the internet. It is the ultimate communications network. The point of all of this is that I wanted to know all of your thoughts on an alien culture developing a network similar to our own. Bad astronomy or a possibility? -Colt

2003-Apr-16, 07:56 PM
If they talk to each other at all, I see it as inevitable. With more and more people/aliens come a need for more and more information exchange.

Each culture in the population would have it's own level of networking, and each alien species would also have its own level--a natuarally talkitive group would have it sooner, and a less communicative group slaightly later, but at some point a species will have an internet-analog...

2003-Apr-16, 08:32 PM
I would think just about any intelligent species would develop something similar to the Internet sooner or later. In fact, I could imagine a species in which that sort of communication was an inherent part of their nature, as with ant colonies.

David Hall
2003-Apr-17, 05:56 AM
The idea of the evolving network is a lot older than the internet. Arthur C. Clarke has a short story, written in the 60's I think, where the global telecommunications network had grown so large that it had achieved sentience. I'll dig up the title and details later when I have more time.

I don't know if it's inevitable that any civilization will develop one though. It all depends on the types of communications they have and what they need it for. Our telecommunications and internet are mostly there for public use. What if there were a civilization that only uses its communication technology for critical messages, and conducts the rest of its meetings in person and its research through standalone archives?

2003-Apr-17, 07:16 AM
If you look at the evolution of multicelled organisms, a communication and transportation system is an essential component.

For 'multi-organism' groups it is also an essential component. For all of those groups except humans, transportation and communication has remained very basic. For humans, technology allowed t & c to reach an entirely new level.

Any ET life that advances to the technological level should advance their technology as we have. It may or may not be an 'internet', but it should be equivalent.

What is a GEN? Do you mean the internet or something different?

David Hall
2003-Apr-17, 06:22 PM
I finally found that story I was talking about. It's Dial F for Frankenstein (1964), in Clarke's short story collection The Wind from the Sun.

Beskeptical, GEN is the title of this thread. :-)

2003-Apr-19, 10:48 AM
Beskeptical, GEN is the title of this thread. :-)

I know that but what I meant was is it something different than the plain ol' internet, you know, like the next GENeration internet or something?