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2006-Jul-26, 03:10 PM
I dislike most alien invasion stories. With few exceptions* they involve alien armies which attack Earth for completely illogical reasons, use tactics and weapons ridiculously below their technology level, and get defeated through combination of humans' ingenuity and their own incompetence. "Posleen" series is almost a parody of the above. John Ringo actually mentioned in some interview that he dislikes the genre I described for exactly same reasons I do, so... he proceeded to write a series which takes the same premise to an absurd extreme. Why does anyone like that tripe? (Other than the fact Posleen books are endless carnography, and I am aware there is a market for THAT.)

*I like Kzinti stories because Niven and his shared-universe collaborators carefully designed a social structure for Kzinti which is internally consistent, makes outward expansion inevitable, and limits the destructivness of said expansion. But this is an exception.

Van Rijn
2006-Jul-27, 07:00 AM
I've read them. Ringo writes what I call "Cotton Candy books." For me, they're fun to read, lots of action, but there is very little substance and you had better not look too closely at the details.

The other thing is that these are Baen books, and I've read most of them on my Ipaq. I picked up some of the ebooks through their free ebooks promotions, and buying ebooks on the web is an easy way to pick up reading material. Baen is the only place I'll buy ebooks, because they don't use DRM, and make it available in multiple formats. Unfortunately, Baen books tends to focus on space opera military books. I can handle some of that, but it gets old.

By the way, if you haven't heard, Baen died recently. He had a large impact on the industry beyond his publishing company.

2006-Jul-27, 07:34 AM
Why does anyone like that tripe? (Other than the fact Posleen books are endless carnography)

And there's your answer :)

2006-Jul-27, 03:50 PM
I've got a whole CD's worth of Baen books downloaded to my computer - the original CD came with a book in the Honor Harrington series.