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2003-Apr-18, 02:40 AM
I realise this is pushing the boundaries of the original intention of this particular forum, but I felt I just had to mention this show. For those who don't know, Ali G is the fictional creation of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen who uses his character (a caricature of Black culture) to satirise politics, the media and society in general by interviewing unsuspecting (i.e. those who think he is a "real" person) authority and celebrity figures. Which brings me to Buzz Aldrin...

In the first of a new series of programmes that began airing in the UK last week, "Ali G in Da USAiii", Cohen, in the guise of Al G, was shown interviewing Buzz Aldrin. It impressed me no end as to how articulate and restrained Mr Aldrin was in responding to Ali G's deliberately ridiculous comments and questions. Aside from that and how funny it was to hear Ali G asking Mr Aldrin "what was it like to be da second man to walk on da sun?" after "Louis Armstrong", the following veiled mockery of HBers made me laugh no end...

"Now what wud u say to those people out there .... who don't believe ...

... the moon exists!"

Buzz Aldrin calmly responded with benign amusement. :D

2003-Apr-18, 08:35 PM
Poor old Buzz can't seem to get an even break for some reason! :-?

2003-Jul-01, 11:39 PM
I've never seen "Da Ali G Show", only read reviews and visited his web site, so my information is not exactly direct. However, my impression is that Sacha Baron Cohen's "Ali G" character is *not* a caricature of Black culture but rather a caricature of not-too-bright Caucasian kids co-opting a commercialized, perverted, prepackaged and very narrow slice of "Black culture" - whch is quite a different thing altogether.