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2003-Apr-20, 04:25 PM
Expedition Seven

CDR: Yuri Malenchenko. RK. '87 cosmonaut class. Veteran of Mir 16 as CDR and STS 106 as MS4.
ENG: Edward Lu. NASA. '95 astronaut class. Veteran of STS 106 as MS2.

Upload: Soyuz TMA-2

Date: 26/04/03

Why only two? A Soyuz TMA can carry up to three people. Two people won't be able to do anything useful.

2003-Apr-20, 05:18 PM
From what I've heard, the reason Expedition Seven involves a two-man crew is because of the lack of available supplies. They determined that two crewmembers was the bare minimum required to operate the station (The last crew experimented with two crew members trying to put on their EVA suits, while it normally requires three to do so.)

Since the shuttle fleet is grounded, it will be a while before enough supplies can be brought up to the ISS to keep it fully crewed (if you want to call three astronauts a full crew.)