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2006-Aug-06, 09:54 AM
From the Sydney morning news I read of an radio astronomers attempt to compile the original film strips from the Apollo landers to re establish the original film coverage which were very poor quality. The technology of the time did not allow for direct television linking to those film feeds. The article went on to explain the efforts made to film the images and distribute them around the world for broadcast. The Australian scientist wanted to clear up the images with modern techniques. They can not be found, lost. Is the word that springs to mind. This is not a good look. The most important piece of film archive from the end of the 60's and its LOST ! Good grief if we can digitally enhance and color a Charlie Chaplin film from decades before. and we cant find the originals. . . Sham. shame. If its small and Grey and has a long thin tail it just might be a rat and I smell one.
Could some one point us in the right direction please?

2006-Aug-06, 10:20 AM
You've been ToSeeked at least twice.

2006-Aug-07, 07:26 PM
Why do I not understand this?

Jeff Root
2006-Aug-07, 10:55 PM
Is there a term for "Not knowing what it means to be 'ToSeeked'"?

2006-Aug-07, 11:32 PM
ToSeeked means that the topic has already been posted.

try Here (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php?t=45307)

Kaptain K
2006-Aug-08, 04:25 AM
So named because ToSeek is very good at posting items before the rest of us! ;)

2006-Aug-08, 12:04 PM
Thanks for that explanation; I do not look in those other places as I find the stupidity aggravating. So now I have, and see my question has been well addressed. BUT it still is daft. In the hands of these people are some of humanities greatest achievements. and they are LOST. and while reading that log of posts I see there are still those who genuinely believe we have not landed on the moon. Get a life. Study, inquire, question. ask the questions., but if you come in to these forums with closed eyes. you are going to be told things you will not like.
I now want to know if all of the film archives from the six Apollo missions ( delete 13, I saw the film.) are available as a set. In full. There would be Hours of it as I remember from my school days. Can these be bought ?

2006-Aug-08, 12:06 PM
It is even on wikipedia...

2006-Aug-08, 12:43 PM
I now want to know if all of the film archives from the six Apollo missions ( delete 13, I saw the film.) are available as a set. In full. There would be Hours of it as I remember from my school days. Can these be bought ?
Try www.spacecraftfilms.com

2006-Aug-15, 11:31 AM
Its now two weeks since I posted this subject as I was aware of it only then. Obviously others of you were way ahead of me on this but,. On our television news today this has been mentioned as if it was some thing new. So Pluto may not qualify as a planet any longer and the original film coverage of the Apollo missions seems to have been lost.

Why has this just hit the TV news ?

Is today just one of those no news days that they go looking for things of interest ? or have they been reading this forum ?

2006-Aug-15, 12:45 PM
News media never admit they've been scooped. Even if it was in some small circulation journal years ago. They are shameless when it comes to stealing stories.

The Apollo tapes story was on the UK Channel 4 TV news yesterday, complete with a snide comment about it all being a hoax anyway.

2006-Aug-15, 01:09 PM

2006-Aug-31, 07:58 PM
The thing with the tapes is that they contain essentially redundant material. You'll notice the kinescoped material is well preserved, albiet of lower quality. However, the Telemetry tapes were never seen outside the tracking stations/NASA, so the general public knows the TV footage as what it has been since the first landing. Grainy, black and white with crushed blacks for the first moments. It should be reiterated that _nothing_ will make the output of the Westinghouse camera any better than what you'd expect from a SEC tube 320 lines, 10fps source. The new tapes will reveal a better resolution than previously known. Check out www.honeysucklecreek.net to get an idea of picture improvement. It is still grainy and low resolution, but it is better (sans satellite induced, scan-conversion and kinesope induced noise.