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2003-Apr-22, 02:03 AM
Hey Y'all,
Without inflicting too much trauma unto anyone's mental health, does anyone else recall the horrific 1980s movie "Space Camp"? It featured a group of teenagers who go to - what else? - Space Camp and are teamed up with an overly bitter female shuttle pilot (she's bitter because she got bumped from a flight she was promised) played by a post- Temple of Doom Kate Capshaw...I think Tom Skerritt is in it too...what happens is, this one kid who is about 9 years old and a smart li'l whippersnapper befriends this NASA supercomputer which has a personality. This computer finds out that the kid wants to fly into space, and so arranges things so that he and his friends and the bitter astronaut are launched into space aboard the shuttle. The whole movie is so bad, it's embarassing. In fact, I could only pick out a few accuracies in the whole flick:
- space shuttles exist
- night-time is dark
- Michael Coats did in fact pilot the maiden voyage of the shuttle Discovery
- Contact is a vastly superior Tom Skerritt space movie
Whether this movie is review-worthy of this site, I'm not sure, but it's definitely on par with a lot of other low-budget space movies (like Doomsday Rock, for example). If you don't have to see it, please don't. If you have seen it, then I'm really sorry.

Wingnut Ninja
2003-Apr-22, 02:43 AM
I thought this was going to be about bad experiences at space camp. I remember being mystified at my local space camp when Bernouli's (sp?) principle was explained as "the air on top of the wing wants to go faster than the air on the bottom."
I also nearly crashed the shuttle, which was pretty 8) .

Trust No 1
2003-Apr-22, 06:36 AM
I saw the movie, and it was pretty awful.
They did get a few facts right, though - especially the one involving landing at White Plains, New Mexico.

2003-Apr-22, 12:15 PM
White Plains? I thought it was called White Sands.

2003-Apr-22, 04:27 PM
I liked the fact that they let the kids play around on a fully-fueled shuttle during a live test. I was at KSC on a VIP tour many years ago, and we were considered highly favored to be able to have our bus driven around the pad that the shuttle wasn't on. Even then, the driver wasn't allowed to stop. We weren't allowed within a couple miles of the actual shuttle on the pad.

2003-Apr-22, 04:28 PM
And that was before all this terrorism stuff.

2003-Apr-22, 04:31 PM
Immence jealosy rises from within.

SPACE CAMP!!!??? heavenly god! we dont get stuff like that here! i would kill a man to go to a space camp!

you spelt bernouli correctly. i probably didnt though.

2003-Apr-22, 04:42 PM
I took up space in school. My parents were very proud. :lol:

2003-Apr-22, 04:44 PM
you spelt bernouli correctly. i probably didnt though.

Wasn't that "Bernoulli"?


2003-Apr-22, 05:10 PM
yeh, prolly. bear in mind, its late here.

2003-Apr-23, 01:05 AM
Great movie! (Cough, cough, nudge) :x

I loved the way a 9-year old could fly into space on NASA's multi-billion dollar vehicle! :o I loved the way the kids are allowed acces to the space shuttle while essentially being told "Indulge yourselves!" :o I loved the scene with the telescopes when the guy who was showing the kids how to use them (I don't remember who this guy was, and BTW there are no telescopes at Space Camp) told them a star or constellation was the wrong one! (Sorry, I saw it and remember the scene but don't feel like actually going to the trouble of looking at which star it was)

Yes, it is White Sands, New Mexico, where I worked for a couple of months, and yes, they did call it White Plains. :o

2003-Apr-23, 04:01 AM
I saw it and if I remember correctly, there is a gratuitous love scene in one of NASA' "zero g chambers." This is basically a room you enter, push a button, and gravity is magically turned off.

I STILL have to convince my students (or at least try to convince them) that THERE IS NO SUCH THING! I go over the "Vomit Comet" and still get questions about the stupid no gravity room even though my students probably WEREN"T EVEN ALIVE WHEN THIS MOVIE CAME OUT!

By the way, I am frustrated about this one if you didn't pick that up :roll: