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2003-Apr-22, 10:56 AM
Does anyone think this bird will fly?


2003-Apr-22, 11:45 AM
The article didnt go into too many specifics as to how it works, but i cant see why not. i cant see it making any really huge advances in our technology, but i study aeronautics (not that that makes me any kind of expert, God knows i'm not,), and from what i can see, it aught to fly.

Time will tell.

I always wanted to say this... Welcome to the boards!

2003-Apr-22, 11:50 AM
I thank you, sir. I hope am allowed to remain.

2003-Apr-22, 12:15 PM
Well... (project page is here (http://www.davinciproject.com/beta/index.html)), it certainly looks professional enough. (btw, what's with the insane window designs? This has it, Rutan's got them...)

The launch-from-a-balloon idea has been done before, so there probably won't be any surprises there. They say they've got an engine, and are done test firing! All in all it seems like a working project. Good planning, good timeline, Sponsors lined up... I'd say that's a go.

Whoa, geez. Got one complaint: Crew Capsule: 1.42 meter (56 inch) diameter sphere
Man, I'm way taller than that. This thing has to hold flight equip, controls, seats(?), and 3 ppl in suits. That's one squished ride! Could you stop breathing for a bit, I need to pull up here :o

As for staying, you gotta do a bit more than asking astronomy questions to get kicked from here. 8)

2003-Apr-22, 12:33 PM
I praise the initiative and wish´em luck.

2003-Apr-22, 10:18 PM
While the windows on the Da Vinci rocket are made to just look good (IMHO) the windows on White Knight are made so that there are no pressure points at corners. This is the same reason why airliners have oval windows, pressure. -Colt

2003-Apr-23, 04:32 PM
You can also see this entry from London (ontario)
It's a modifyed two-stage V2 rocket. (similar windows) And they are looking for astronauts! :)

2003-Apr-24, 09:14 AM
I recently re-kindled my intrest in the X-prize with the latest Rutan test. I studied the entrants linked from this site.


I was aware of the Canadian Arrow, but didn't realize we had another team from my humble nation. The da Vinci Project. They seem to be well organized, with a simple, yet effective, projectile. I don't know if they are a late, accelerating entry, or just haven't been noticed before.
I found it difficult to nail down timelines, probably because of the secrecy involved, but judging from the lack of new information on some sites, I am assuming that they may be too busy to update. Does anyone know of a site that is keeping a 'play by play' of the X-Prize race to the future?

2003-Apr-24, 10:46 PM
Not really, you just have to keep tabs on space websites, although www.spacefuture.com is a pretty good site. I think the Da Vinci project certainly has some merit, and if they get enough funding, it will fly. I hope that whoever wins the X-Prize, be it Rutan'sSpaceShipOne (http://scaled.com/), the Da Vinci Project, Pioneer Rocketplane (http://www.rocketplane.com) (my personal favorite, as it's an HTHL rocketplane) or anyone else, that it will not deter the other companies from completing their projects. The Da Vinci Project certainly is imaginative, what with the balloon and the ballute (I really like the ballute). It'll fly, alright, but who will make it first? [/url]