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2006-Aug-11, 04:25 PM
This photograph is a close-up view of Saturn's A ring taken by Cassini. Look closely and you'll see that the dark regions appear to widen and then narrow, and the thin bright regions disappear altogether. Cassini took this image on July 23, 2006 when it was 285,000 kilometers (177,000 miles) from Saturn.

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2006-Aug-14, 02:49 PM
Do I need new glasses? When I enlarged this photo, I saw a donut shap to the left of bottom center. I tried it on 3 different monitors to be sure it was not my machine. Does anyone else see it? If you do, does anyone know what that might be?


2006-Aug-14, 02:52 PM
And now that I read the article carefully! I find my own answer. I must slow my reading down! Sorry about that.