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2006-Aug-21, 08:47 PM
Learning the night sky is pretty intimidating. With enough desire and perseverance it's achievable, even though thousands of individual stars glitter away. Trying to install that desire and knowledge into the younger crowd is even tougher. Anton Vamplew with his book Simple Stargazing provides a significant aid for just this. With a knack for detail and minimal complications, he cuts the intimidation and adds lots of fun to boot.

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Cohen the Barbarian
2006-Aug-22, 02:56 PM
One of the good things about the second world war was that we actually got to see the stars, thanks to the blackout. Here and now (Coventry, England) if I'm really lucky I can pick out an occasional, very bright star. Light pollution swamps the rest completely.
I haven't forgotten the June night when we had to leave our home because of an unexploded bomb. The sky was clear, and there, in the South, was Orion in all his glory. That was over sixty years ago, but I've never known another night like it.