View Full Version : Leicester Space Centre

2003-Apr-24, 01:19 PM
Apologies if this has already been brought up, but has anyone every been to the Leicester Space centre(in England)? It's a really great place to learn about space science, which anyone at all levels of understanding can enjoy. I went there last year and I'm wondering if it is well known to you.

2003-Apr-24, 01:25 PM
I went there last year after going to an Open Day at University of Leicester. It was really good. They had all sorts of neat stuff. I liked their little sets of planets and the bean cans in different G-fields. I thought the case with the local stellar area was good. I managed to identify Sol because I saw an orange and yellow double star nearby. The MSF displays were really good as well.

The show was one about ET intelligence and was narrated by Hugh Laurie. It was very good.

Some friends are talking about going up there to see it at Whitson (sp?), mostly as practice for motorway driving for our trip to Cornwall.

2003-Apr-24, 03:16 PM
Sorry, I've never been to the UK. I was going to go last year, but the family got scared of flying after that 9/11 stuff. But there is this great place in the US in Tucson, Arizona, if you ever get a chance to visit it- called the Pima Air and Space Museum (http://www.pimaair.org/). It has over 200 aircraft of all kinds, and a great space building, with a real X-15 and a bunch of interactive stuff. The ecstasy I felt walking down those huge lines of aircraft, which included a B-52, an SR-71, an F-4, and various MiGs, was indescribable. I also pricked myself on a cactus. :) So much for underrated places. If I ever go to the UK, I will be sure to visit Leicester.