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2006-Aug-23, 09:12 PM
A newby here,I've read Phil's Bad astronomy for years though. I read over on imdb that a re-make of 'When worlds collide' is being made, one thread is trying to figure out how to make it physically plausible....need the BA to take the 'expert consultant spot'!!!

2006-Aug-23, 09:39 PM
Personally, I think it would make a brilliant remake.

2006-Aug-23, 10:27 PM
Based on the overall quality of the glut of remakes the past few years, I'm not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, welcome to the BAUT BB, forbiddenp! Have fun!

2006-Aug-24, 01:16 AM
My understanding with the WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE remake is that it was linked to Spielberg and now Stephen Sommers, which he will follow with(hold on to your rocket cycles!)FLASH GORDON :eek:. Frankly, I don't think WWC is going to get rolling that quickly. Then again I scoffed at the early rumors of a Michael Bay TRANSFORMERS film. :rolleyes:

Anyway, it seems Alex Proyas is bent on remaking QUATERMASS AND THE PIT. I refuse to even discuss the abomination that is the WICKER MAN remake.

Also Brett Ratner, who was seen most recently strangling the life out of the X-MEN film series, is planning to update THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. Though, since the story involes ex-nazis, I imagine by this point in time, the film will resemble COCCOON more than an Ira Levin thriller!

2006-Aug-24, 01:26 AM
Gah! Can't someone come up with something new???? And Good?

2006-Aug-24, 01:54 AM
Gah! Can't someone come up with something new???? And Good?

Apparently not, no.

2006-Aug-24, 02:41 PM
Stephen Sommers, which he will follow with(hold on to your rocket cycles!)FLASH GORDON :eek:.

I wonder how well Paul Rogers (who is currently singing lead for "Queen and Paul Rogers") does the theme song?

:sings: FLASH AHHHHAHHHHHHHH! Saviour of the Universe!

2006-Aug-28, 09:53 AM
If two planets orbiting each other came from deep space and the one that the refugees from Earth go to is the habitable one then there would have to be some explanation of how it is habitable and how it adopts Earth's orbit to remain habitable.
I would suggest that it is studied long before impact and is determined to be of the right composition to become habitable when the sun warms it when it nears the sun. It's also determined that it will graze the Earth or moon, slowing down enough to take up Earth's orbit then. The other planet collides with Earth and the debris of both leave Earth's orbit. This would give the movie two visually exciting collision scenes.

There have been few "science" fiction movies that try to show the current scientific projection for future spacecraft and launch developement. These days so called science fiction is really science fantasy with the science a fantasy and the story a fiction. In the original movie the space craft made some attempt to illustrate what was then generally understood of rocketry by the audience. It looked like a V-2 because that was as much as most people had seen of rockets.

I would suggest my idea of an airship lofted maglev rail launcher. It launches supplies to build spacecraft in orbit to get to the other planet. This would be two large and more small visually exciting miniatures if the interplantary spacecraft carry many seperate reentry vehicles. The Launcher would be at an altitude of 60,000 feet and have a main section the size of a city where lifting dirigables off load supplies to be loaded onto the launch vehicles. The launch rail would be in a tube projecting from the main section for 300 miles. You could show some of the manufacturing of components as they could be molded composite structural members. The launch would be an exciting meteoric explosion as the vehicle breaks through the seal on the end of the launcher and goes through the high atmosphere.
I would not suggest the space elevator as that concept would be visually unexciting as well as having to explain to the audience how a thin tower can stand so high as well as ficticiously explaining away the flaw inherent in the idea of its violation of the consevation of angular momentum.

The launcher and spacecraft would take years to build and require all the resources of the Earth so as to build them to carry as many refugees as possible. There may or may not be enough time to carry everyone. The original "When Worlds Collide" had a limited number of people it could carry which limited the exploration of the social dynamic of such a situation.
The social dynamic of such a situation could be explored further as; how some will insist that resources be spent on providing comforts on refugees rather than on making it possible to carry more people. Of course there will be those who say it is the will of God and try to sabotage it. As time grows short corners are cut, there are accidents and maybe a major disaster that costs the rescue plan dearly and makes for more exciting screen footage.

Final scene; The survivors stand on craggy, desolate, ice covered terrain watching as a rain of other refugees streak in on their meteoric reentries.

Ronald Brak
2006-Aug-28, 10:44 AM
I suggest they should have one giant asteroid/planetoid that is being orbited by an huge alien structure that turns out to be habitable. Then you have room for a sequal where this structure can be explored, its creators discovered etc. Hmmm... Do you think they've finalized the script? I should be in on this...

And if there is only a limited number of people that can be saved, would Hollywood make a movie in which the "logical" course of action is taken and most of the people chosen to be saved are women? I wonder if people would say if such a movie was sexist and I wonder which sex they would think was being discriminated against?