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2006-Aug-30, 02:27 AM
I've been searching for the times of impact and have come up with 00:36 U.T. Sept. 3 for -1, 05:41 U.T. Sept.3 for 0, and 10:46 U.T. Sept. 3 for +1. Is this correct? And are there any good sites to get the most up to date times?

2006-Aug-30, 02:48 AM
Like most of its lunar predecessors, SMART-1 will conclude its scientific observations of the Moon through a small impact on the lunar surface. This is planned to take place in the lunar Lake of Excellence, located at mid-southern latitudes. A trim manoeuvre at the end of July has determined that the impact will most likely occur on 3 September 2006 at 07:41 CEST (05:41 UT), or at 02:36 CEST (00:36 UT) on the previous orbit due to uncertainties in the detailed knowledge of the lunar topography.

If impacting on 3 Sept at 07:41 CEST, SMART-1 will touch the Moon at the lunar coordinates 36.44 South and 46.25 West. If impacting on 3 September at 02:36 CEST the lunar coordinates will be 36.4 South and 43.5 West.

Impact site IMAGE (http://esamultimedia.esa.int/images/smart_1/SMART-1-Impact-Graphic_H.jpg) (988 kb, 1600 x 1100)
One degree of latitude corresponds to 30 kilometres on the Moon, and one arc-second from Earth subtends 1.8 kilometres on the Moon centre.

Read more (http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMTU0Z7QQE_index_0.html) (or use the search button, up there ^ )