View Full Version : Making a Sun, outside the box

2006-Aug-30, 02:37 PM
Lets say we wanted to make a Universe. :D In this Universe we want light (EM radiation across the board).
How could we achieve the desired effect that does not use the same idea as our own Universe. That is to say, is there any other way to have the effect of light, other than the way its done right now?

With our knowledge of QM and GR, is it possible to rearrange some things, maybe even have different physics, to make stars/light(doesnt have to be stars) some other way? Perhaps by giving energy a new property, perhaps by changing the properties that exist...The idea is not to have photons that are particles and waves so to speak, but just to have the desired effect of seeing things and light (EM radiation across the board that is similar, not identical, to "our" light). So to make it clear, doesn’t have to be photons that we know of...just something mimicking them (or something else entirely) for the effect of what we, in this Universe, call light.

Is light something universal across Universes, or are there other possibilities out there? What do you think?


Celestial Mechanic
2006-Aug-30, 03:15 PM
All of this is highly speculative, and there's nothing wrong with that, except that since we do not have the power to get "outside the box", or to change this "box" or even create a new "box" that we could into and observe, there is just no way to know. There can only be speculation.

Ken G
2006-Aug-31, 04:01 AM
Indeed, it is not the similarities with light that you need to describe, it is the differences. Something that is not light yet acts like light in all ways is... the same as light. For what else is light anyway? Light is as light does, that's the scientific approach to everything. For your question to be meaningful, you'll have to explain how you want your "other" light to differ from ours, because the challenge is not to make a similar universe, it's to make a different one.

umop ap!sdn
2006-Aug-31, 04:13 AM
Well if you just want to be able to look around you could have an ether of space that carries sound waves.