View Full Version : Astrophoto: Star Trails over Namibia by Josch Hambsch

2006-Aug-30, 08:36 PM
Arc lights had been used in lighthouses for several years when Thomas Edison began seeking a way to improve them. Arc lamps use two rods of carbon arranged so that their tips are almost touching. When sufficient electricity is sent to each, the current jumps between them and causes the carbon to become incandescent. Although carbon burns very slowly, over time the rods erode and have to be replaced. The year was 1881 when Edison embarked on a solution and the result of his success spread around the globe to both light and inadvertently curse the darkness.

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John Mendenhall
2006-Sep-01, 02:22 PM
Why are the star trails compressed to the right in the photo?

2006-Sep-04, 07:18 AM
Hello John:

The image appears compressed on the right hand side due to the wide angle lens that was used in the production of this picture, the distribution of the stars in the sky when the exposures were taken and the smeared light of the glowing Milky Way. Combined, these contribute to the impression that the image is skewed to the right.

John Mendenhall
2006-Sep-08, 09:38 PM
Thanks, got it.