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2006-Aug-31, 08:45 PM
According to this (http://www.gallifreyone.com/cgi-bin/viewnews.cgi?id=EEVulEyyVkwnmknUvH&tmpl=newsrss), Dr Who, Series 2, will be starting Sept. 29 on the Sci/Fi channel.

...so did I miss where ToSeek posted this? Or did I ToSeek, ToSeek??

2006-Aug-31, 09:54 PM
For some reason I neglected to post that information here, so you get pride of first publication, but "ToSeeking" it is not.

2006-Aug-31, 10:00 PM

2006-Sep-12, 03:35 PM
I rather like this little fanfilm on Youtube;

I found it while seaching through old KLF videos (I had fogotten all about the KLF- what a bunch of nutjobs they were)

Roy Batty
2006-Sep-12, 04:33 PM
There's quite a few Dr Who music videos on Youtube, I've found most average so far but simply love this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TjhFxeqYQc) (I'm a big fan of the music by Black anyway though).
I feel it's a fitting tribute to Eccelson's doctor & his relationship with Rose.:)

2006-Sep-12, 05:21 PM
My friend found this the other day, I was wondering about posting it up, & now I have an excuse!!
Oh, do be careful looking at the main page, the language can be a bit fruity!!