View Full Version : Some questions about Phobos Deimos and Neptune moon Triton

2006-Sep-01, 02:03 AM
Hello ,i have some questions,

1 Can i see the moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos) with a telescope?

2 Can i see Triton ,the moon of Neptune with a telescope?


2006-Sep-01, 03:28 AM
Mars is not in a good viewing location at the moment. To find the moons of Mars you need a clear dark sky and a telescope of some larger aperture. The moons of Mars are very small. Do a Wikipedia search and the information will unfold before you. As for Triton, It is much larger but because of the distance from us would be very hard to find. These objects of the outer solar system are not very good reflectors of very little light. I have used a 'Blink comparison' devise and have not nailed these items yet. Can not say to have found Pluto also.
I would sagest long exposure images to find these objects.

2006-Sep-01, 03:34 AM
I tried and failed to see Phobos and Deimos at the last Mars opposition. I even made a special eyepiece with an occulting bar to hide Mars' bright disk. I also made a chart that told me where and when to look to see the moons. Other people who used my eyepiece on an 8 inch telescope reported that they saw the two Martian moons. We had a nice dark sky.

Triton should be about as difficult as Pluto. I've never seen either.