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2006-Sep-01, 03:23 AM
In the last part of this (now locked) thread,


about gravitomagnetism, I posted a link to this paper about precise measurements of the gravitomagnetic precessions of the solar system, at least for the inner planets. http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/gr-qc/pdf/0507/0507041.pdf

These effects are very small (0.002 arcseconds per century for Mercury), and this paper is about careful extaction of any gravitomagnetic signature from the observational data over a century or so.

At any rate, you'll note that Venus is off, the error bars outside the predicted value, while those for Mercury, Earth and Mars are right in there. I recall a similiar situation for the normal GR Schwarzhild "gravitoelectric" terms. Venus is outside the error range here as well.

And so I was wondering basically what's up with Venus. :) The one big thing different about Venus that I recall is it spinning very slowly and backwards. Are the observations for Venus perhaps poorer than the others for some reason? More errors cropping up?


2006-Sep-01, 03:40 AM
More errors cropping up?If this were a poll, I'd be voting yes :)

Are you looking at Table 2? Or Figure 1?

2006-Sep-01, 03:42 AM
Because Venus has a thick dense atmosphere direct observation is pointless. Recant advancements in infrared observation have let us see Venus with more detail able to be extracted. We can not make accurate detailed observations of things we can not see. Yes to the rotational speed of Venus and its retrograde direction of rotation. Approximately one rotation every year.,and backwoods.. Suggests she might have had a collision maybe. Much more information will unfold shortly as a space craft is due to start closer observation than previously possible.

2006-Sep-01, 03:46 AM
If this were a poll, I'd be voting yes :)

Are you looking at Table 2? Or Figure 1?

Figure 1.