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2006-Sep-04, 03:26 AM
For you scholars: If pluto is no longer a planet, what happens to plutonium? Will it become Neptunium?

2006-Sep-04, 03:31 AM
If it did, what would neptunium (as there is already an element called such) become?

2006-Sep-04, 03:44 AM
It becomes a dwarf element.

2006-Sep-04, 03:55 AM
Yeah, and what is going to happen to Mickey Mouse's dog? Will he become a chihuahua?

Ronald Brak
2006-Sep-04, 04:14 AM
The Department of Bureaucracy has issued a directive declaring that all supplies of the element formally known as plutonium are to be gathered and stored it in one place pending the outcome of the deliberations of the Committee to Rename Plutonium. The Department of Physics has filed an injunction against this decision on the basis that bringing all plutonium into one place will trigger an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction. This injunction has been rejected by the Department of Bureaucracy and rightfully so, on the grounds that the element plutonium referred to in the injunction no longer exists.

2006-Sep-04, 04:16 AM
What about the Roman god, Pluto? Is he now merely god of subways and basements?

Celestial Mechanic
2006-Sep-04, 04:50 AM
It's up to the IUPAC to decide. I doubt that they will do anything. The only elements I can think of that are named after astronomical bodies are: Helium (after the Sun), Mercury, Tellurium (after Earth), Selenium (after the Moon), Cerium (after Ceres), and of course Uranium, Neptunium and Plutonium. Obviously since both the Sun and Ceres are represented here, it is apparent that size does not matter to physicists and chemists and so it is very nearly certain that the names will stand. :)