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2006-Sep-07, 09:09 PM
Hi folks,

a partial eclipse of the Moon has just ended (more here (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php?t=46500)). When the Moon rose over Fuerth tonight, the penumbral phase was already in progress.

I had planned to do a full observing session but decided against it when heavy clouds started to build up towards the evening. Instead, I set up the telescope in my small study aqnd observed through the window - seeing issues would be entirely secondary today

Over dinner, I got a first glimpse of the Moon from my kitchen window, as it rose over the roofs of the neighbourhood. I hurried over into my study and managed to get some coverage before the clouds started to roll over the Moon, entirely covering it after a small grace period in which I frantically shot. 20 min before maximum eclipse (which was of modest proportions anyway). It started raining soon after and hasn't stopped ever since. :evil:

8" Newton on German equatorial
Focal projection of a Canon 350 D digital SLR
Unguided exposures between 1/30 and 1/250 sec.
Pictures are cut and downsized from the original MPEGS, but otherwise unprocessed.


2006-Sep-08, 12:26 AM
Thanks for sharing. America missed this one.

2006-Sep-08, 09:52 AM
I got to see the moon rising during the eclipse from a mountain near my home. It looked stunning, and I was a bit gutted that it wasn't a total eclipse as the weather was perfect. We normally get clouded out here when lunar eclipses are due!

2006-Sep-09, 12:08 PM

Great images! :D :clap: