View Full Version : Moon 9/7/06

paul f. campbell
2006-Sep-08, 02:07 AM
Hi group. Here is our Moon this evening at 9:00pm from my home in Washington Pa. This photo was taken using my 6.75 inch Meade Starfinder and my sony 7.2 cybershot camera. The Photo was taken in auto night mode, and cleaned up in photoshop.

Did anyone get a photo of last nights Moon rise. I saw it for about 1min. before the clouds took it away. It was very large, it looked great. anyway if you have a photo from last night please post. Thanks for looking Paul.

2006-Sep-08, 02:35 AM
Great stuff as always, Paul.

2006-Sep-08, 08:03 AM
it's as if one could just reach out and touch it, Paul

thanks for sharing

2006-Sep-08, 09:49 AM
I got to see the partial lunar eclipse last night from a mountain near Cardiff. It was beautiful!

2006-Sep-09, 12:08 PM

Nice image! :D :clap: