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2006-Sep-08, 11:39 AM
This is a general discussion on children's care. I found some interesting things when I applied methods to help my children for sleeping.

1: I use to tell them some fairy tell stories, ( I have one nice book for that "Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tell stories big book bought it specially, in which some nice pictures are also there)

2: I keep my palm on their back head, it gives them a high support and they feels great safety, when my child is on my shoulder by leaning her head on my shoulder, she starts to sleep without complaint.

Most of the children I have seen crying and weeping, it is may be the stomach ache, or just they are so much hungry, and no other cause is there for their hi-length crying style, many children are the midnight alarms, they starts crying and weeping in midnight, because eighter they want some water to drink or some fearful dream (fearful means what they assume that was fearful, but in this world nothing is fearful, but children cannot understand our language, even we expect from them to act and behave like us, but they don't, and this is not possible, and you may not compel them to do so, because they are mold in "tiny" segment.

3. I advise to her mother to keep the baby embraced when she is going to sleep, it reduces the tension on the mind of baby, baby found herself more safety in mother's hand, and immediately she can sleep well.

4. You sing some short songs to get them sleep

5. Before going to the bed for the childís, always do one thing and that thing is adjust the pillow and bed**** after cleaning it by hand beating on it, most of the time some pieces of small things, some small game particles, some things which are so short and was spread on the bed during the day time may obstruct the children from sleeping, because their edges gives some trouble to the child and due to that they can't sleep well.

6. A moon light must be of faint color, don't use red color in sleeping room, the red light gives some uneasiness to the mind especially at night, and for our eyesight it is troublesome. and there are more things to tell. Donít take homework when your child is going to bed, if you tries for home work, he will irritate.

And one more final word "good sleep gives good health to your child", good sleep to the child means his/her performance will be more fine in all respect viz. sport, study, extra curricular activities, so sleep is the cause.



Ronald Brak
2006-Sep-08, 11:46 AM
My parents would bop me one if I didn't shut up and go to sleep. Since I went to bed so early I would wake up early and watch the late late show on TV. I got me a good education that way.

2006-Sep-08, 01:32 PM
Are we talking babies or children? My daughter's about two-and-a-half, and we have not had any trouble (yet) getting her to go to sleep.

In fact, it's kind of cute the way she says, "Go away, guys, go away," if we dawdle in her room too long after tucking her in... :)

2006-Sep-08, 02:48 PM
When a baby is teething there's usually no sleep for anyone. Its lots of bonjella and baby formula paracetamal.

There's nothing wrong with picking up a crying baby and soothing them back to sleep. Alot of the time I take my baby back to my bed and snuggle up the rest of the night.

But there will be dozens of reasons as to why a baby will wake up and cry and never really settle down. Colic is a big one, I found rubbing their tummies gently helps and the latest tech feeding bottles that help reduce colic.

Under feeding I suspect is a big reason a baby will wake at usual times. Many women can't keep up to the demand of the babies and fail to make up the shortage with formula (feelings of failure).

THere are tale tell signs as to the cause of a babies cry, red ears is a big sign of teething.

Dry itchy skin after a bath is another biggy , including not using a water based moisturiser, never use petroluem based product or olive oil to treat their skin. I have used Hemp cream from the body shop its great, its a super moisturiser.

these are just a few tips i have to offer.

2006-Sep-08, 05:07 PM
thanks brak, sean and planethollywood for the comments. teething is a great problem as you stated planet above, most of the childrens( I have seen) prefers to chew some specially made plastic keychain like designed items, or preferebly do a noise from their teeths "kutter-kutter" when they have teething.

Thumb keeping in mouth is another habit in those childrens who have problem during their teething. child always prefer to keep the small tools and the plastic game particles in mouth, they enjoys with these things. But most of them in intervels takes some rehersals of "crying".

The tiny merry go round is also gives them ample joy, I have observe in the childs who play well in day time can sleep better and there are least complaints of them. many time child is pleased when we press his toes and knees with a gentle oil masage or dry masage. :)

may be a small baby can well acquaint if we keep in simulator, as the small baby is borned experience about floating, even many childs are expert in swimming also in a very early ages.

2006-Sep-08, 05:14 PM
Well, we are just staring out, a we had our first child last week Wednesday. Getting her to sleep is not a problem, trying to keep her asleep is the bigger trick, although she's pretty good at night, getting around 4-5 hours. Usually holding her on our chest so she can hear our heartbeat and breathing is pretty calming.

2006-Sep-08, 05:18 PM
to keep ourself very close to childrens always is always supportive for the children to buil their confidence and fearlessness. teddyv, you have succeeds in doing that trick. your view in regard to the child is cute one. Nurturing in many ways gives baby a readymade tonic other than of medicine.


2006-Sep-08, 07:43 PM
Congratulations, Teddyv!

One of the reasons I consider "mom" and "mother" separate terms and won't call myself my daughter's "real mom" is that I've never had to put her to sleep. Her adoptive parents have done that. But I used to babysit an 8-year-old insomniac, when I was younger. "Oh, for pity's sake, go to bed, Heather," was about the best I could do. (She was almost invariably still awake when her parents got home, but at least she was in her room and quiet. She was a good kid.)

2006-Sep-09, 07:27 AM
All animals, including humans, co-sleep.

Our higher minds have enabled great things, but have also opened the door for highly rationalized behavior which is not in the best interest of the species as a whole. Thus, we've allowed good rational thoughts such as clothing. But we've also allowed bad thoughts such as co-sleep being somehow bad.

All children, regardless of species, need to know their parent(s) are there. Over time, this reassurance actually helps them with respect to the confidence and assurance they need to leave the nest. The healthiest, across all species, are those whose parents were always willing to allow them to nest, but who were always supporting (not necessarily encouraging) their efforts to leave. Some encouragement is required, particularly in response to external events which may cause some teenagers to want to remain in the nest.

Done properly, however, most mid-teens (humans) are raring to go around 16 years. Done improperly, it winds up being a case of having to kick them out, and they've never been blessed with the skills to cope otherwise. Some survive, some don't.

2006-Sep-09, 10:53 AM
I forget to give "congratulations to tedyyv" congrats tedyyv for a new born new member in your home. :)

thanks mugaliens, your thoughts are quite precious.