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2006-Sep-10, 01:30 PM
After 4 delays, the Space Shuttle Atlantis finally lifted off from Cape Canaveral on Saturday, September 9, beginning its 11-day mission to return to the International Space Station. The main objective for Atlantis and its six astronaut crew will be to deliver and install the P3/P4 truss to the station. This 15.5-tonne structure includes the station's giant solar arrays that will double its power capacity. Atlantis is currently catching up with the station, and is expected to dock on Monday.

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Ray Bingham
2006-Sep-10, 10:11 PM
At last we are able to resume construction of our space station. Everyone calls it the "INTERNATIONAL" space station but the United States of America is assembling it. Thanks to Russia for some ferry trips that we had to fund. Now its back in our own hands.

Just curious too about the doubling of the power capacity. Does that mean somewhere near twice the solar panel area. Wow is that thing ever gonna be bright when we are able to observe it. Everyone should take all their friends out to see it at least once. My kids were enthralled. Find out when here

austin jason
2006-Sep-11, 02:49 PM
I posted the video of the Atlantis haunch here:


austin jason
2006-Sep-11, 04:05 PM