View Full Version : Pounded Mimas

2006-Sep-11, 06:09 PM
In this Cassini photograph, Saturn's moon Mimas reveals the battle scars it has taken over its long history in the Solar System. Its largest crater, Herschel, is visible on the right - it stretches 130 km (80 miles) across. This photo was taken on August 16, 2006 when Cassini was approximately 221,000 kilometers (137,000 miles) from Mimas.

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2006-Sep-14, 01:47 AM
Ah, Mimas, the Death Star moon. Interesting place, that Saturian system.

2006-Sep-14, 12:04 PM
Several of Saturn's moons seem to have an excess of large craters. There must have been one really amazing event there at some point in the past.