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2006-Aug-30, 04:59 PM
Astronomy Cast offers you a fact based journey through the cosmos. Each week Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela Gay (SIUE / Slacker Astronomy) take on topics ranging from the nearby planets to ubiquitous dark matter. ...

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2006-Sep-22, 01:15 AM
Good Luck you two.

2006-Sep-22, 11:17 AM

I'm signing up! :D

Hello Pam!

2006-Sep-23, 07:00 AM
Two of my favorites. I was suprised you two hooked up! Should be good. I think you both have styles that should compliment very well. Good luck! How's the midwest treating you Pam?

Cheep astronomy guy.

2006-Oct-02, 10:00 AM
After the demise of the old Slacker, I wondered what would replace it on my podcast list. But Astronomy Cast is great, IMHO a big improvement on the original and far more interesting, informative and "listenable-to" than Slackerpedia (though it's early days, I guess). I like the format, the choice of subjects and the delivery. I hope Pam and Fraser enjoy making the program as much as I like listening to it!

2006-Oct-10, 07:30 AM
What happened to slacker astronomy anyway?

Why had it demised?

(I only listened to a few in the first place so I wasn't a regular, although the show seemed fine to me...)

2006-Oct-10, 07:56 AM
There's more info on the slackerastronomy.org website and forum. Aaron and Travis are now doing Slackerpedia Galactica, and Pamela is working on Astronomy Cast with me. So now there are two shows when there was only one before.

2006-Oct-12, 03:29 AM
The Mid-West has a low cost of living, friendly people, and lots of cheap bad beer. Other than the beer, I like it :-)

I ordered a Sam Adams last night. It was an imported beer. It was from Boston :P

Thanks for the welcome. Fraser is a great person to work with and I'm having a lot of fun.

2006-Oct-12, 01:14 PM
If you have some Texas salsa and fresh chips, any beer is fine. :)

Is there anything us amateurs can do to help your podcast, such as research the history of an item, add a drawing here to illustrate a podcast point, suggest topic ideas, puns, fresh jokes, etc.?

2006-Oct-12, 08:13 PM
Hi George,

The best thing you can do is tell us what questions you guys come up with in the middle of a star party and are dieing to know the answer to. We want to know what you want to here.

On a personal basis, I'm always looking for amatuer astronomers interested in doing volunteer CCD observations of variable stars. If you are interested, drop me an email (my addy is on the SIUE website) and we can perhaps play with photons together.


2006-Oct-12, 09:33 PM
We want to know what you want to here.
Oh, I can give you quite a list starting with a colorful and, probably, a BAUT exclusive one....heliochromology. :) IIRC, you once asked Phil (BA) on slacker astronomy about the sun's color and he revealed that it is not known. [That cast had ya'll's unforgetable SNL "Harry Carry" skit intro.] Today, the final answer may be close at hand. It is clear that the sun is not yellow, at least.

On a personal basis, I'm always looking for amatuer astronomers interested in doing volunteer CCD observations of variable stars.
You, or someone, might want to post this request in the Astronomy, and also the Astrophotography, forum, if you haven't already. My time is limited these days.

In a related area, there is a new class of stars - or at least one article gave them that status - regarding flashing stars. I am very interested in getting more info on these stars. V838 Monceritos is the flagship, no doubt, due to the beautiful light echos and the fact it produced three flashes. The cause is still a mystery ( I favor planetary gulping). There is another star known to have flashed, but I am unaware of others.

2006-Oct-18, 10:40 PM
Thank you for putting together such a great show. I just got all the podcast. Sure beats readng since I can't seem to remember anything I read. Plus its nice to listen to while I pretend to work. I cant wait to hear your future shows.

2006-Oct-20, 04:23 PM
I just subscribed to Astronomy Cast and I have listened to all the episodes. They're great! Keep up the excellent work. I've told my friends about it and I'll let you know if we come up with any questions.