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2006-Sep-15, 01:02 PM

But the gravitational lensing is most pronounced outside of the gas, in regions on either side of the collision. Researchers believe dark matter is responsible. Gravity pulls the normal matter making up the clusters' gases toward the system's center. Any dark matter, however, would pass directly through the system, much as stars do. "We see that the mass, which is dominated by dark matter, is centered on the galaxies," says team member Dennis Zaritsky of the University of Arizona. "Therefore, we infer that the dark matter has passed through the collision unaffected as well."

Is this the first direct evidence? Is it even direct evidence? I thought galaxy rotation rates would suffice. The article goes on to say:

Says Zaritsky: "The significance to me is that it eliminates a nagging worry that we were ignoring a potentially very interesting alternative." That alternative, namely, is that we don't understand the fundamental laws of gravity. Now that astronomers have proof of dark matter's existence, the next step is to sort out what the mystery matter is.

I realize that there can be other things we don't know about. And there are a lot of questions yet to be discovered, but I'm not sure this information does what is promissed.

2006-Sep-15, 01:35 PM
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