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2003-Apr-30, 07:51 PM
Anyone else buy this book. Eureka!! Anecdotes from Science? It is rather amusing. One story I particularly enjoy is about Robert oppenheimer and the scientitsts at the Manhattan Project.

It goes a-somthing like this.

Oppenheimer and a groups of is associates were outside a project buiding staring up in the sky. One guy was on the radio with the local airforce base getting them to scramble fighters to intercept something in the sky to their west. They believed that some type of spy plane or something was flying over to take pictures of the project. Anyway, the pilots call back and state that they can't get a bearing because the object is way beyond the range of their sensors. Everyone is in a panic at this time. Here they are doing some super secret world changing work and they think that the Russians or Germany or whoever had the technology to fool their radr and advanced warning systems. Then one of the scienctists who was not with the group walks out of the building. Looks up and then looks at the group of the most brillant minds on earth and says. "He Oppy, when you guys are finished trying to shoot down Venus, can we get to work today." Or something to that effect. Oppenhiemer had put this into a letter to his girlfriend. ANd admonished himself and others that with the heightened paranoia had completly clouded their thinking

So it goes to show even the most brillant scientists sometimes don't know what they are looking at in the sky. :D

2003-Apr-30, 07:56 PM
Thanks! That's a great story! I haven't had a chance to read that book yet.

2003-May-01, 02:12 AM
I will put that on my "to buy" list.