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2006-Sep-20, 03:44 AM
Look down at your feet. There... you're looking at a planet. Now look
into the night sky and you should be able to spot a few more. After
that, spotting additional planets becomes really hard, especially when
you're trying to find them orbiting other stars. ...

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2006-Sep-20, 04:15 PM
Very good. love your shows. Its gonna be a great podcast to listen to for info.

2006-Sep-20, 08:15 PM
Read the full blog entry (http://www.astronomycast.com/uncategorized/in-search-of-other-worlds/)

Tried to read it, but it's not there!!!:lol:


2006-Sep-20, 10:33 PM
Oops, it should work now.

2006-Sep-21, 07:22 PM
But are these extra-solar-Dwarf Planets. How do we know that they have cleared their orbits in accordance with IAU regulations :naughty: :p

2006-Sep-22, 11:25 PM
I have always wondered how these discoveries were made. Thank you for explaining the science behind these techniques. You two have done an awesome job in this podcast!