View Full Version : Longtime lurker, my suggestions

2006-Sep-21, 08:57 AM
I'm a long time lurker of this ( and the previous ) forum, but I've subscribed to the newsletter even longer than that. I am grateful for the service you provide to all of us space and science nuts. My idea's are mostly about expanding the Newsletter sent out and are as follows

1. Universe Today 101

- It would be nice if there was a section, article, included as part of the newsletters that got back to the basics of it all. I'm sure there are many people here that know a lot about a lot of different things in our universe, but I'm sure most just have a basic understanding of certain parts of any one thing. The newsletter as it is contains a lot of news, but it doesn't fill in the gaps of my understanding of the things or subjects related to these stories.

So, it would be nice to have articles written that are intended to help teach us more about a subject instead of just adding on more news about something we don't quite grasp.

2. Bad Astronomy

- I admit I've never really looked at much of the Bad Astronomy sections here or on the site and thus know little about it. Still, it strikes me as odd that there hasn't really been any cross over to the newsletter. I'm sure there must be something’s that are part of the BA site that would make for an interesting read as part of the UT newsletter. I know I would like to see this done and it would give reader of the UT newsletter (like me) a chance to have some of the great content I'm sure there is on the BA site delivered to their mailbox via the UT newsletter.

3. Including others

- In the most recent UT newsletter you pointed readers to two sites/blogs (whatever) that you recommended readers check out. I've visited the Centauri Dreams site and was highly impressed, but haven't taken the time to visit the other. Either way, my point is that I think it would be great to see some of the articles posted on the CD site included in the UT newsletters.


These are suggestions and I hope you view them only as that and give them fair consideration even if nothing changes because of them. I'm not suggesting that these need to be regular features in the daily feed, but it would be nice if you could include them in the newsletter when you only have 2-3 stories, book reviews or podcast. I really do love the newsletter and this forum and it would gladden my hear to see this place grow even more.

Thank you.