View Full Version : Atlantis Back on Earth, Safe and Sound

2006-Sep-21, 02:37 PM
Atlantis and its astronaut crew returned safely back to Earth this morning after 12 days in space. The shuttle touched down at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 1021 GMT (6:21am EDT). During its mission, the shuttle and astronauts delivered and installed the P3/P4 truss segment to the International Space Station, dramatically increasing its solar panels and power generation.

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2006-Sep-21, 06:03 PM
Time to clean up Atlantis and get it ready for its next mission in February 2007, when it will take a truss segment and another solar array to the ISS.

2006-Sep-22, 09:59 AM
I'm so glad that Atlantis is safely back on Earth after 12 days in space! :)

It was great to see the new truss placed into position on the ISS. I'm looking forward to seeing Discovery add another section in December.

Let's hope everything goes as well as it has done on the last two, very successful missions of the shuttle.

Congratulations to the crews on board the ISS & the shuttle & to all of NASA staff on Earth for a successful mission! :)