View Full Version : How the Really Big Stars Form

2006-Sep-28, 12:48 AM
Astronomers think they've got a handle on how Sun-sized stars come together. But the formation of the largest stars - more than 10 times the mass of the Sun - still puzzle astronomers. New observations on a 20 solar mass star have revealed that these giant stars maintain a torus of material around themselves. They can continuously feed from this "doughnut" of material, while powerful jets of radiation pour from their poles. The material can continue gathering onto the star while avoiding this radiation, which would normally blast it back into space.

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John Mendenhall
2006-Sep-28, 05:12 PM
Following posters, you might want to take a look at the Wikipedia articles on nuclear fusion to get a feel for what goes on in these young stars as they begin to generate nuclear fusion. The energy densities are much lower than I expected. My first thought that they might cook off violently was apparently incorrect.

2006-Sep-28, 06:26 PM
But does that explain stars like this: