View Full Version : 'Hot' Jupiters and life expectancy?

2006-Sep-28, 03:09 PM
With most of the new 'hot' jupiters orbiting close to their stars, apparently at high temperatures - what sort of life expectancy do they have? Are their orbits stable, after spiralling in to these 'close/near sun' orbits or are they likely to be still degrading? I understood that higher temperatures caused loss of the volatile gases or is their gravity so high that they retain them?

2006-Sep-28, 03:14 PM
Hi RogerG welcome to the BAUT forum.

These are good questions.

We have seen these Hot Jupiters, so we know they are relatively stable in their orbits. I haven't looked to see what is the oldest star to have a Hot Jupiter orbiting it, but as far as evaporating goes, the gravity of a five Jupiter-mass planet is enough to hold in some very hot gases.