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2006-Sep-29, 03:54 AM

from NASAwatch: "Doc Horowitz spoke of a $200 million cost per CEV flight (http://www.nasawatch.com/archives/2006/09/cev_hearing_not.html#more)."

clearly a misunderstanding... (over!) $200M will be the price of EACH 5-seg.SRB launched...

12 (moon missions in 2020-2025) x 3 (5-seg.SRB/mission) + 15 (test and ISS launches) = 51 (5-seg.SRBs used in 2009-2025)

(optimistic) $60M (5-seg.SRB unit price) x 51 units = $3,060M + $3,000M (5-seg.SRB shared R&D costs) + $10,000M ($500M/year NASA/Navy sea retrieval costs x 20 year) = $16,060 / 51 = $314.9M per 5-seg.SRB launched!

only if we add the last 28 standard SRBs (of 14 further Shuttles' flights) the "price per SRB launched" falls to $203.3M each!

this is the (main) reason why I suggest (in my SRB article (http://www.gaetanomarano.it/articles/011srb5.html)and ghostNASA post (http://ghostnasa.blogspot.com/2006/09/decision-006-use-only-expendable-srbs.html)) to use ONLY (expendable!) 4-segments SRB for ALL new rockets!


2006-Sep-29, 11:32 AM
By the way, it came up multiple times on nasaspaceflight forums that the SRM casing production has been lost and there are limited number of parts, so it's not possible to make them expendable. Here is one topic I've found, the talk about this matter is in the middle:

2006-Sep-29, 11:01 PM
...SRM casing production has been lost...
I don't think will be a problem develop and build the expendable SRBs with the giant ESAS funds... also, that cost will be saved in real flights having cheaper motors and safer launches (and no risk to lose an AresV with an SRB leak...)