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2006-Sep-29, 04:25 PM
A Soyuz capsule carrying the crew of Expedition 13 and space tourist Anousheh Ansari landed safely in the steppes of Kazakhstan on Thursday. The spacecraft slowed its descent using retrorockets and parachutes, and landed softly on its side. A dozen helicopter teams arrived on the scene minutes later to help the astronauts out of the spacecraft. They were then flown to a training centre outside Moscow. The total return time back to Earth took about 3 hours from when the capsule detached from the space station.

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2006-Oct-01, 07:18 AM
It seems look old to me?

2006-Oct-01, 09:14 AM
It seems look old to me??


2006-Oct-02, 07:16 PM
i keep thinking the middle one is cheech marin, hehe