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2006-Sep-30, 11:43 PM
Shouldn't we be about getting humanity off this planet and onto one that might allow our knowledge to grow beyond the earth's existance? This should be a matter of practical consideration. It seems that we spend a lot of wasted time dwelling on our own short lives and little time considering the possible fates of the planet we all share.
1. The sun might become a red giant and engulf the earth.
2. A passing object might tug the earth out of its orbit into interstellar space thus freezing everything.
3. Our planet may acrete material that could be toxic to the planet.
4. All kinds of things can happen.
Where can we go?
Does anyone agree that it would be a waste to loose all we have learned. There are solutions.
Is the earth the best spacecraft that could be designed? Can we design a better one? Could we catch a ride on another star's planetary system some time in the future?

Ronald Brak
2006-Oct-01, 12:17 AM
While all kinds of things can happen, the good news is that nothing has happened for billions of years that could wipe out humanity. Even if the earth was hit by an asteroid like the one that killed the dinosaurs, humans would still survive as a species, even though billions of us would be likely to die. Currently we are in greater danger of wiping ourselves out than being killed by something from space I'm afraid. Our priority should be getting on with each other peacefully. Fortunately we've made some improvements in this area, but I don't think we've improved enough. Once we start getting on with each other in a reasonable way it will probably be quite easy for us to colonize other planets in our solar system and/or build space colonies. A world in which nations no longer spend vast amounts of money on armaments and in which everyone has decent food, health care and education is a world which can make rapid technological advances and will have resources to spare to colonize space.

2006-Oct-01, 07:15 AM
The sun would not change for million of years. We have plenty life:) Well the planet Earth enemy faces global warming, unknown existance aliens, earthquakes, asteriod and possible closet space explosion.

2006-Oct-01, 08:28 AM
We do not need to be looking to leave this Earth. We are the risk we can do little about. There is much wrong and things most urgent to put right but, not by running off into space. If and when an impending collision or other Domesday like event is uncovered then might be the best time to give this our consideration. Until then lets just try and get on with each other a little better.Intolerances both political and religious must be better managed. If we get this right leaving would be much simpler in the couple of billion years or so that this system should remain safe. Its to this point I draw your attention. Build the equipment. Spend the money ( I liked your point that its ours ) Be vigilant and thorough. We need to know what is and are Earth crossing comet and asteroid objects of concern. Only then can we plan for the impending event. I can not stress enough the need to know all this as soon as we can. We all know that it is only a matter of when not if. Its what we do about it that matters.