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paul f. campbell
2006-Oct-06, 12:13 AM
Hi group here are a few more mosaic photos. All are avi's taken with my etx125 and my sac 7 ccd. processed in registax and cleaned up in photoshop 9.0

2006-Oct-06, 05:46 AM
Hello Paul

Excellent images - I think we were both shooting the same regions this lunation, two excellent nights in a row at the same lunation, I shot some super avi's but at 320 x 240 - by accident -@$%&*!! I had a mind to do the same thing. Trying out a new program, 'Craterlet', and did not twig to its low size default setting. Always a lesson to learn!

Thanks for sharing,

Shevill - Tasmania 42 South

2006-Oct-07, 03:44 PM
All are nice 2nd one is the best- Outstanding.