View Full Version : Egypt's Craters Pose Geological Riddle

2006-Oct-07, 01:13 AM
New research on a few of the more than 1,300 enigmatic craters found deep in Egypt's western desert has scientists scratching their heads.
The craters look like they were created by a spectacular ancient rain of meteors, or perhaps from a vast eruption of steam and gas from inside the Earth. Or maybe from something else entirely.

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Latitude: 2318'3.89"N Longitude: 2655'32.63"E

Title: Discovery of the largest impact crater field on Earth in the Gilf Kebir region, Egypt
Authors: Philippe Paillou, Ahmed El Barkooky, Aly Barakat, Jean-Marie Malezieux, Bruno Reynard, Jean Dejax, Essam Heggy

Using orbital imaging radar, we have detected a large number of circular structures in the southwestern Egyptian desert, covering more than 4500 km2 close to the Gilf Kebir plateau in sandstones of Upper Cretaceous. Fieldwork confirmed that it is a new impact crater field: 13 craters from 20 m to 1 km in diameter were studied. The impact origin is confirmed by the observation of shock-related structures, such as shatter cones and planar fractures in quartz grains of breccia. Considering the extension of the crater field, it was possibly created by several meteorites that broke up when entering the atmosphere.

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