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2006-Oct-14, 08:31 PM
Okay, a buddy of mine has a gig working with all kinds of high dollar video equipment, and for the past couple of years he's been saying, "We really need to make our own film." I've suggested ideas to him, but he's only had a lukewarm reception to them, and his ideas have, frankly, been teh suck (and I'm being kind). Tonight, I came up with an idea that even if he doesn't like, I'm going to do my damnedest to make. It's going to be a mockumentary, in which we "prove" beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bart "We didn't go to the Moon" Sibrel, acting as an agent of North Korea, cloned, and then murdered Buzz Aldrin in an effort to discredit the US government, when that failed (the clone didn't follow orders), NK was forced to set off a nuke, in hopes that will topple the US! (Yes, I am trying to "outcrazy" the jerk!:D) So, I'm looking for any suggestions anyone might have, or, since this is going to be a "NO budget" production, for volunteers to help out.

I seriously doubt that the film will be a big smash, but I think the idea's just too good not to do!

2006-Oct-14, 09:45 PM
hahaha thats hilarious

2006-Oct-14, 09:52 PM
don't forget that Hitler survivied WWII and is running N.Korea from a jar that contains his brain.

2006-Oct-14, 11:26 PM
Try to make it in the style of "Loose Change".

Then, see if a hard core CTer, like the guy that funded LC, picks it up and belives in it.

That'll be a hoot.

jami cat
2006-Oct-14, 11:55 PM
but...Buzz clocked him good before they could transplant the code...
and now...

He's THE FUGITIVE making CLONES to distract the ENEMY MINE, to confuse the NET from the ENEMY OF THE STATE that would bring on ARMEGGEDON, to disrupt the PATRIOT GAMES...that created MOON HOAX, which CAPRICORN ONE had hidden within it's LEVIATHON in the year 2010, according to the SPACE ODYSSEY 2001 records. The ALIEN RESURRECTION...infact had a WITNESS to the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, precluding the PHLIDELPHIA EXPIERIMENT which had occured during the reign of MAD MAX.

2006-Oct-16, 01:12 PM
And don't forget to include Barney the Purple Dinosaur in the conspirancy to take over the world by making all people over 30 sick :)

2006-Oct-16, 06:01 PM

2009-Jul-28, 06:08 PM
My thought on that idea, is don't waste your time. At least don't waste your time making anything more than a 5 minute YouTube.

Longer films have to have something interesting besides "the plot" and how the plot is carried out is more important than its content. Films based on the "Wouldn't this be a great idea!" type of plot are often terrible. You need to have a content that is more than a plot.

Another thought: If you are going to made a video or film, get actors (and certainly a director) that has experience in films. If you get the typical stage or school play actor, you get people that make broad and exaggerated gestures and postures, the kind that people can see 40 ft away from the back tables of a dinner theater. On film, this type of acting often looks silly. I think the reason that so many bad films lack close-up shots is that they are using actors who cannot remain stationary for the director to get a close-up.

2009-Jul-28, 07:14 PM
You should have an "anonymous whistle-blower", who is a high-school gym coach. Get it? Whistle-blower? Eh? :) Sorry, I amuse myself.

2009-Jul-28, 07:46 PM
You could call it "The Lunarian Candidate".

2009-Jul-28, 07:53 PM
You could call it "The Lunarian Candidate".

or "The Dark-Side of the Loon"

or "Loonar Eclipse: Behind the Shadow"

or "American Pie 27: Co-eds in Space" . . . though that last one might already be in the making.

Dave J
2009-Jul-28, 08:04 PM
You could always set it up that ** is actually a government agent, planted to discredit the hoax crowd and make them look foolish...

2009-Jul-28, 08:22 PM
I like that idea

2009-Jul-28, 08:27 PM
or "The Dark-Side of the Loon"

or "Loonar Eclipse: Behind the Shadow"

or "American Pie 27: Co-eds in Space" . . . though that last one might already be in the making.

"First Men in the Loon."

"Destination: Loon."

"The Green Hoaxes of Earth."

2009-Jul-28, 08:40 PM


Dismall, depressing day, 6 or seven in evening>>>

>>Bart talking to interviewer, distracted, unattentive, terse....

>>>"Stuffed? awe sure, weve all been stuffed at onr time or another. (noises from indoor basketball court, squeeky tennis shoos, ball dribbling, etc...) I mean your parents stuff you when you turn 18, no job, no future; you get stuffed everytime you go to the bank to find out your overdrawn, with penalties and crap; your wife stuffs you when she shows up at the bowling alley, half drunk, ramblin like a friggin tape recorder about every freegin thing you done to her over tha past umpteen years.... Yoa know? I mean we all get stuffed.

"I'm talkin about something bigger and better than all that stuff, ya know? this goes WAY back, like Kennedy an...an an....oh.. ole whats his face Jackaroony, ....or whatever, ya know...Castrow and Air America.

"No no no man, this IS the real deal, pokey . Don't go Poncho sailorin me, ya know? I mean I can take this anywhere, right? Cool?.....

(leans in close, voice drops....)

"I mean I aint talkin bout no ninzy pinzy, wamma garb. I got EVERYTHING,man....EVERYTHING. No no no this is the kinda stuff America never wantaed to know, was too afraid to ask, and got all shook up when the babes from toyland starte droppin on their heads likes flies in a rooster pad......"

":I'm talkin about THE RIGHT STUFF....":

Fade out to aerial view of gym in ghetto like neighborhood in indiscriminabt town in midwest, late March, black snow, factory smoke, (play title track "A Sea of Tranquility")

2009-Jul-29, 03:30 AM
I started to write a story/play over at Apollohoax a couple of years ago but never finished it. This is what I had written:


Place: NASA Headquarters
Time: Present Day

Sitting around a table in the Main Office is:
Administrator: Tom Crayford (TC)
Deputy Administrator: Jack T. Wisley (JTW)
Senior Office Clerk: Bob Bocket (BB)

JTW: Well here we are boys,, the final list is finished. We have the names of the two candidates for the new Apollo 20 mission to the moon!
TC: Well, I must say it's about time. I didn't want to have to wait another forty years! Okay, show me what you've got.
JTW: You'll be happy with the first one Tom. None other than your old friend Edwin Aldrin.
TC: Buzz? I haven't seen him in years. Isn't he like a hundred years old?
BB: Actually he's only 77 sir.
TC: 77? Jeez, that's still pretty old.
BB: Well, you're coming up on 82...sir.
TC: Hmmm. Who else you got.
JTW: Well, this was the random choice that the computer made, just to show the American public that anybody is eligible for this mission, Lets' see...his name is Bart Sibrel.
TC: Who? Bart Simpson?
JTW: Bart SIBREL. Bart Simpson is an imaginary character.
BB: Well, actually some people think he is real sir...
TC: This Bart person, does he have any qualifications for this mission? He's not some kid or something is he – you know how I feel about teenagers.
JTW: Oddly enough he does have some experience that we can use. Bob, tell em'.
BB: Well sir, Bart Sibrel has been making movies for twenty years, during which time he has owned three television production companies and worked for two of the three major networks. His national credits include films for NBC, FOX, CNN, The Nashville Network (TNN), Lifetime, and BET. His top awards from the American Motion Picture Society include Best Cinematography and Best Editing. I got that right off his website sir.
TC: Okay, we'll go with 'em. Have they been contacted yet?
BB: That's being done right as we speak sir...
JTW: What if they don't want to go?
TC: By george, we live in the most democratic nation on earth, where anybody can do anything! These two are going whether they like it or not!
BB: Ah, there's just one more thing sir...
TC: Eh? And what is that"
BB: Well, it seems that this Bart Sibrel guy is a Hoax Believer sir...
TC: Hoax believer. You mean he'll think were making a prank call or somethin'
BB: No sir, not that. It just...
JTW: What Bob is saying is that...Bart Sibrel doesn't believe we ever went to the moon.
TC: Whaaa.....now Jack, you worked right along side me in the Sixties at NASA. Hoax? Ridiculous! I don't want to hear anymore about that!

I had the second part worked out but never finished it. It would involve Bart and Buzz training together and some interesting conversation between the two, like Bart getting really confused over acronyms and Buzz having to explain them:
Bart: Hey, Buzz. What's this Plssssss thing?
Buzz: For heaven's sake Bart, speak a little clearer...
Bart: Plllsssss. Plissssss. Oh, I just can't pronounce the damn thing...
Buzz: You mean the P-L-S-S ?
Bart: Yeah! That's it!
Buzz: Listen to me slowly, Bart - Portable Life Support Subsystem
Bart: Buzz?
Buzz: Yeah, Bart...
Bart: What the heck is an Allsepp?

2009-Jul-29, 03:46 AM
My thought on that idea, is don't waste your time. At least don't waste your time making anything more than a 5 minute YouTube.

My thought is that maybe you should look at the date of the OP. ;)

2009-Jul-29, 03:51 AM
Oh boy, got me too....
Now thats funny!

2009-Jul-29, 04:13 AM
How about stealing the one clever thing Bart's ever come up with for your own title: "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Involuntary Commitment Hearing".

2009-Jul-29, 05:02 AM
did anything ever come of this?
it would be good to have a scene where you try to get him to swear on a pile of Mad magazines that he is in fact a government disinformation agent.. hopefully, he'll punch you..

captain swoop
2009-Jul-29, 05:08 PM
I don'th think we need this in the CS forum.

2009-Jul-30, 04:10 AM
did anything ever come of this? Nope, because if you'll notice, this got more traction since it was bumped, than it did when it posted some 3 years ago.