View Full Version : Cube, and Cube 2:Hypercube....do a bad astronomy of these

2003-May-07, 04:50 PM
ive watched both of these movies and have noticed a few mistakes in these movies.....but since i havent even graduated high school(which will happen on the 20th of this month ...w00t!!) my educational level and my knowledge in this field is not nothing compared to Mr. Plait or any of his associates.
I was hoping maybe somone could take a look at these movies and maybe do a "spoiler" of both of them....if there is enough mistakes to do it....thanks for the help.



Iain Lambert
2003-May-08, 10:30 AM
Well, Hypercube basically doesn't have much in the way of physics (or at least GOOD physics) in it, so there isn't much to say, unfortunately. I thought I knew where it was going with it, but it went all nonsense on me instead.

Curious film.